Have you got a pile of stuff in your garden that you just never seem to get around to clearing? Or a garden shed jammed full of old junk you don’t need? Clear The Lot clears gardens fast, leaving you to sit back and smell the roses!

We can remove and dispose all sorts of garden waste including: Trees, branches, leaves, shrubs, twigs, pot plants, lawn clippings, garden furniture and general rubbish. We also sweep/rake up before we go.

Since the councils are now charging for your ‘Green Bins’ more and more people are opting to remove the waste themselves.

It’s important to get your garden waste removed as quickly as possible. Left piled on your lawn, the grass underneath can soon die off, creating unsightly muddy patches. Organic matter can also start to decay, creating unpleasant smells and attracting insects that feed on decaying matter. Large amounts of garden waste also prevents you and your family from getting the full use of your outdoor space and makes it look unattractive.

Oti’s Rubbish Collection can quickly and conveniently remove all types of garden waste.

It doesn’t matter what rubbish you have in your garden, our trained, two-person teams can take it away. This includes tree roots, branches, soil, hedge and tree timings, grass cuttings, turf and any other organic matter. We’ll also take away non-organic rubbish too: old garden furniture, plant pots, decking, paving, empty preservative tins, unwanted gardening equipment (including electrical items) and even dismantled garden sheds and greenhouses.

Using Oti’s Rubbish Collection , there’ll be no unsightly junk left piled up in your garden, no need to undertake any heavy lifting and the waste will be disposed of in a responsible way, with as much of it being recycled as possible.

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