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Oti’s Rubbish Collection is committed to offer the most upright and environmental friendly office as well as house clearance in Brixton. If you have a property that needs to be cleared or your house needs to be clear out rooms then our service can help you to keep it done easily and with no stress.

Either you need to get rid of any single item or want a complete house clearance; we can do this all for you in a very professional, efficient and cost-effective way. All you need to do is to contact us and we are there to help you out so you also don’t need to worry about your junk item, we will dispose of it.

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Commitment & Dedication

We remain committed to making sure that everything can be reused. Of course, this can be reused by recycling. It can seem easy to do this but this is the most challenging task to do and also of great responsibility. The reason behind this challenge is that we do a lot of effort for getting into a broad range of furniture and effects reused but we are not rewarded financially for this effort. It is easy to get valuable goods reused but the majority of the items that we clear are of very little value that we have to give them away or the payment which we receive only covers that cost of its delivery, labour, storage etc.

Taking out the time to set it and to maintain a network for boot sellers, hand dealers, buyers and charities for this less valuable stock like appliances, computers, ornaments, furniture, books, records, clothes etc. We feel proud for our commitment and dedication to this process and for the help of our friends, associates and all above our professional to achieve our goal.

Who we are?

We are fully certified and licensed company that has a strong grip on their services and professionalism. We offer the house clearance in Brixton from your office, home, building site, school, factory or wherever you accrue waste. Our waste removal vans and trucks arrive on the site at the decided time to provide convenience to you. We load all the waste in it quietly and quickly in a professional way. We do everything for you to clear the house. We make sure that we work in a way that there is no reason left behind to you for lifting a finger on us.

Why choose us?

With a whole service of companies that claim to be the best home clearance service in Brixton ten, what else should you be looking for when you are deciding which company to use for home clearance?

There are multiple factors to look over and below is a list of reasons to choose us:

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